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Microsoft Puzzle Safari 2020

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One of the fun things about doing an internship at Microsoft has been all the puzzle-hunt related activities they run. Yesterday, with a team of four, I participated in the Puzzle Safari. Although a fully virtual event, it was one of the more fun puzzle hunts I’ve done. The safari is not just about solving puzzles; it mixes in different activities every time you solve a puzzle. Usually, you have to take some kind of photo in your home or outside it, but you can also go on a run, or a few activities were games inside a Minecraft world. The photos worked out really well, first because of the creative challenge of many of them, and second because it offers a break from just sitting in front of a screen the whole time and forces you to get up and move around.

Great job to the organizers!

Some favorite puzzles

Finally, my favorite “Experiment” (moderated activity which you participate in for points) was Stone Age Science. This is a word game where you have to clue a keyword or phrase using only one-syllable words.

Favorite photo

Ariana’s H2O molecule using a cherry tomato, 2 paperclips, and 2 blueberries:

H2O Model